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“One off games can be won by individuals. Championships are won by teams.”
- High Performance Coach Jono Phillips

Global High Performance Solutions’  iMotivate™ is a powerful employee performance system drawn from world class leading organizations.  iMotivate™ is designed to drive increased employee engagement and effectiveness by empowering individuals to take ownership of their own improvement.

By using the same methods and tools world championship athletes use, employees are inspired to make the leap from good to great.

Our client partners benefit from our easy-to-implement system through continuous employee improvement, increased productivity, greater job satisfaction, reinforced goal alignment and enhanced unity.

iMotivate™ organically increases the interplay between employees and managers leading to more frequent, progress oriented conversations, genuinely improving company culture.

We believe, if you build better people, you’ll build a healthier company, generate stronger growth and put yourself ahead of the competition to attain greater market share and achieve better profits.


iMotivate™ was born out of a love of sports and a passion for human development. On a sunny day in New Zealand, as company founder Robin Reid was watching his son play rugby, he had an epiphany.

The young player that had started with this performance improvement system just months earlier, now visibly displayed profound improvements in his physical game, as well as in his mental game. Robin’s son was clearly starting to make the leap from good to great.

How did this happen?

It was through a proven program of development based on self-assessment and a self-designed action plan that dramatically improves a player’s performance.

Delivered by New Zealand High Performance Rugby Coach Jono Phillips, the method had worked across a range of talent from juniors to world cup champs. Robin & Jono thought this proven system could successfully translate from the sports world to the business world. Given the right environment and coaching, all employees in an organization could be given a powerful tool to “up their game” and perform better in an increasingly competitive world.

Together they have developed the iMotivate™ Employee Performance System to help companies inspire and improve their people and drive profitable growth.

To learn how the iMotivate™ Employee Performance System can help you improve your workforce and grow your business, please contact us today.

Video: Proven Method

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