Getting Started

We’re passionate about people’s personal growth and overall performance improvement.

We endeavor to be a full partner in your employee performance improvement efforts by sharing our expertise to ensure your programme is implemented smoothly and successfully.

In detail, we’ll show you how iMotivate™ enhances every employee’s performance and how it will contribute to your organization’s ongoing growth.

An iMotivate™ implementation plan will be customized to your company’s business type, size, structure, personnel and time-frame.

An iMotivate™ Account Director will conduct an initial workshop for your Executive Leadership Team or the Managers and Supervisors who will be the drivers behind their staff learning and using the system.

In this workshop we clearly define and demonstrate step-by-step, the capabilities and processes of the iMotivate™ system. We help you select the Pillars and Focus Areas that are most important to your business and work force, helping you ensure the Pillars are in alignment with your business strategy, goals and culture.

We help you develop your rating system, as well as a Manager’s Dashboard to track employee progress. Once the initial start-up process is complete, together we will have constructed an individual performance system to guide you through the first iMotivate™ assessment cycle.

At the end of the first assessment cycle, a follow-up workshop is conducted to assess your staff’s use of the programme, help refine and reinforce their understanding of its power, and prepare you and your team for subsequent cycles.

As required, additional workshops can be planned so that your employees can get the most benefit from working with iMotivate™.

Our team of experts are available on an as needed basis to help any individual employee, group of employees, managers or the Executive Leadership Team succeed with the system.

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