How It Works

Put championship level “people performance” in your plan.

Employee self-assessments and self-created action plans are the essence behind iMotivate™. After an in-depth self-assessment against the business themes you deem important, your people craft and take ownership of focused performance improvement action plans that help them “up their game” to new levels.

iMotivate™ inspires and empowers them to continuous performance improvement – personally and professionally.

iMotivate™ guides your employees through performance improvement steps across foundational “Pillars”. The Pillars are the skills, abilities, qualities and behaviors the company has identified as core to both the employee’s and the company’s success.

These might include technical skills, leadership, financial management, operational expertise, planning, communication, customer service, holistic development, etc. Whatever drivers or key performance indicators you deem important to your business.

The employee rates their current ability in each Pillar on a scale you determine. It could be as simple as Strong, Competent, and Weak, but usually has 4 gradients. Within each Pillar are Focus Areas that you select. The Focus Areas pinpoint where extra attention needs to be applied.

Once the Self-Assessment and draft Action Plans are complete, the employee reviews it with their manager. After the manager offers advice and counsel, the employee refines both their Self Assessment and Action Plans, and then submits it, to be permanent for that assessment cycle.

This process inspires and commits the employee to action and naturally facilitates more frequent communication between the employee and the manager, leading to better communication, situational awareness and goal alignment.

The iMotivate™ system effectively helps your employees reach their performance improvement goals, helping you build a better workforce and a stronger organization.

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Video: How it Works

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